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Wicked Forest 2013

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Wicked Forest 2013

For information for 2015 click here. When I was a kid we used to tell scary ghost stories around a campfire at night. It was great fun to be frightened by a good ghost story or some super natural tale that always had a surprise ending.  I think that is why I enjoyed the half mile walk through the woods at this year’s Wicked Forest at Hocking Peaks Adventure Park near Logan, Ohio. What intrigued me was the thought of a half mile hike through a forest at night. I have been to haunted houses before but never anything entirely outside.

The path is well lit and groups of 4-6 at a time take their turn to walk their way through the forest. The trail starts in an abandoned coal mine and winds up and down hills with surprises around every corner.  

Be prepared to be surprised from every angle as various creatures and scary characters creep quietly out of the night – just when you least expect it. It is similar to watching a scary movie on TV. You know you are going to be scared but you don't know exactly when or where. Wicked Forest is open every weekend from the end of September through the end of October. Every Saturday there is a DJ and on October 12th more activities are planned.

Every night that Wicked Forest is open the Night Zip is also open. The moonlight zip will be dimly lit and the helmets will have lights on them. Click on their website here. Wicked Forest is $15 to walk through the trail and the Moonlight Zip is $60. I have been told there is a coupon on the AAA Member Deals website for a coupon for both attractions for $39.

Now that the leaves will be turning in October why not include these two attractions on your annual pilgrimage to the Hocking Hills? Enjoy both of these night time activities and remember how fun it was as a kid to get scared around the camp fire telling ghost stories. 

The Wicked Forest is located at 15111 State Route 664 South just 3 miles from Logan. Call them at 614-352-0309 for more information. Their website is www.wicked-forest.com. The youngest age that is recommended to go on the trail is 10 years old but you know your kids the best. After all, you don't want them to have nightmares at night. Just remember how old you were when you thought it was fun to scare your friends with a good scary story.




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