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How to Use a Washboard to Clean Your Clothes

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How to Use a Washboard to Clean Your Clothes

How to Use a Washboard

The Columbus Washboard Company in Logan, Ohio ships washboard kits to our military overseas who have no access to laundry facilities. These instructions are inserted in those kits but will also give anyone the basic instructions they need to wash their clothes during an electric power outage, when your washing machine breaks, or just simply for stain removal before using your washing machine. Since I have never used a washboard, I found the instructions very informative.

It is OK to wash laundry in cold water.

1)      Put water in the tub (bucket or sink) until ¾ full.

2)      Put underwear into the water to soak.

3)      Rest the soap bar at the top of the board.

4)      Rub underwear over soap and ten rub item vigorously on the metal rub surface. Repeat step 4 until item is clean.

5)      Put shirts in water and repeat step 4 to clean.

6)      Wash pants the same way.

7)      Last item to wash would be your socks. Allow them to soak and then repeat step 4 many times.

8)      Do not discard the water. Soak your feet for 20 minutes. It will fell sooo good!

9)      Dry your feet, apply foot powder, clean socks and boots.

10)   Discard dirty water, refill bucket and rinse items until no soap remains.

11)   Wring out clothing items and pin on clothesline to dry.

12)   We hope your laundry days are warm and breezy, and that you all come home safely-soon!

Reprinted from instructions in kits sent to our military by the Columbus Washboard Company, 14 Gallagher Avenue, Logan, Ohio 43138. Phone: 740-380-3828 -  info@columbuswashboard.com    www.columbuswashboard.com


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